We here at Bilski Dental Group utilize 21st Century technology.
One of those aspects is 3D x-rays. But what are they exactly, and how are
they used?

Understanding 3D X-Rays

The correct dental term for 3D x-rays is radiographs. With this
technology, the dentist can take a panoramic view of a patient’s
mouth and conduct more accurate treatment. 3D dental x-rays
take pictures of a patient’s mouth and show them in a 3D

Why Would I Need A 3D X-Ray?

By conducting a 3D x-ray, we can see the entire picture of what is
going on inside of your mouth. This allows us to figure out which dental
treatment is best down the line for your health. 3D x-rays also allow our
professionals to see the problems as they are happening in order to deal with
them before they get out of hand.

Luckily, there is an 80-90% reduction of energy being utilized.
This means that we can now take multiple 3D x-rays at once versus
having to wait and take one per day or one per week. There is also less
radiation being released which indicates a much safer process of taking the
necessary photos of your mouth.

Learn More About 3D X-Rays

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