90 Minute Crowns in
Independence, Ohio

One thing a lot of people hate about the dentist is having to go
back for multiple appointments. Fitting those visits into your busy schedule
can be a headache and add to the stress you might already have when going to
the dentist. But, with the Bilski Dental Group, we make your appointments
quick and easy!

Quick Dental Crowns

In our office, we have the technology to provide a crown in just one
The CEREC Machine can essentially 3-D your crown or
cap in just a few minutes. Once it is printed, we stain and glaze it, cure it
and insert it into your mouth. Easy peasy!

Not only can we create and insert your crown in just one 90 minute
appointment, but we can color match your natural teeth, so no one will ever
know you have a crown!

How to Know if You Need a Dental Crown

Dental Crowns May Be Needed If:

  • You have weak teeth (i.e., from decay)
  • To prevent teeth from breaking or cracking
  • You have teeth that are severely worn down or already
  • You need a large filling
  • You need a dental bridge to replace a missing
  • Your teeth are misshapen or discolored
  • You have a root canal

The Benefits of a Crown Include:

  • Enhancing your appearance
  • Covering discolored teeth
  • Attaching a dental bridge
  • Holding a filling in place
  • To protect a weak or cracked tooth
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To strengthen the teeth
  • To restore a tooth to its natural shape and size

Learn More About 90 Minute Crowns

If you know you need a crown but don’t want to waste your
time at 3 dentist appointments, contact us at the Bilski Dental Group to get
your 90 minute crown soon!

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