About Dr.

Did you know that Dr. Bilski is also a teacher?

Dr. Bilski has spent so much time sharing his knowledge with other
doctors all around the world! He speaks at events, workshops, and even has
written entries in a dental textbook. Why does he do all of these things?
Well, because he believes that it is important not only to help share his 32+
years of dental experience but because it helps him stay

“When you
teach a lot of times, you actually learn from those that you’re
teaching because the questions that come up just help you further your

– Dr.

In fact, these weekly blogs that we release are also a way that
Dr. Bilski likes to educate, except this is for you, the patient! Knowledge
is power, and when you know more about how to keep your mouth and teeth
healthy, the better you can take care of yourself!

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