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Independence, Ohio

At the Bilski Dental Group, our goal is to provide every patient
with world-class dental care at an affordable price. The Bilski Dental
Savings plan is just one way that we offer better dental care options to our

How Dental Insurance Works

In the 1970s, dental insurance was much different than it is now.
Back then, you essential received a coupon that would cover anywhere from a
thousand to fifteen hundred dollars of your yearly dental care costs. This
coupon could cover, for example, about eight crowns.

Now, dental insurance will only cover a percentage of the cost of
the procedure; it differs depending on your insurance. In general, you have
to spend $3,000 to receive the $1,000 benefit from your

The Bilski Dental Savings Plan

In order to make premium dental care more affordable, we have
created a membership plan, the
Bilski Dental Savings plan,
to help our patients get the dental
care they need with benefits that have no limit.

The reason we are able to offer these plans is because of how far
technology has come over the last couple of years. For example, it used to be
extremely expensive to purchase a 3D printer, but now, they are becoming more
common even in people’s homes.

Since this technology has become more affordable, we can turn
those savings around to our patients.

If you are looking for a dentist in the Independence area, contact
us today at the Bilski Dental Group. We offer many dental services and
affordable dental care!

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