Anodontia Smile
Restoration Testimonial

Marty was born with partial anodontia, a congenital absence of
teeth. He struggled with loving his smile for 24 years until he found our
team at The Bilski Dental Group!

What is Anodontia?

Anodontia is a rare disorder that can cause people to be born
without some or all of their teeth.

Marty’s Story

Until he came to Dr. Bilski for his surgery, Marty had a removable
partial to help him fill out his smile and provide some of the functions that
our teeth give us, like smiling, eating, talking, and laughing. The partial
gave him these functions, but they were very limited. It was hard for him to
eat in public because he was a much slower eater and couldn’t tell
when he had food stuck in his teeth.

After living with his partial for almost all of his life, Marty
decided it was time to find a more permanent solution!

Dr. Bilskiwas able to completely reconstruct his smile and Marty
couldn’t be happier with his new smile!

Learn More About Smile Reconstruction

Whether you have anodontia or another reason for missing your
teeth, or you just don’t like the way your smile looks, Dr. Bilski
can help you turn your frown upside down! Contact us today to learn


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