Whether you’ve been to Bilski Dental Group before or
this is your first time, we might recommend taking antibiotics before or
after your dental procedure. Antibiotics have health implications which is why
we want to explain the importance of taking

Why Take Antibiotics?

Many of our patients have medical conditions. Most of these
medical conditions require taking some medicine. When visiting Bilski Dental
Group, we ensure that our patients are taking their prescribed medications.
We also make sure that you are consuming the
correct antibiotics.

The antibiotics that are taken before your dental procedure are
called prophylactics. A prophylactic is a medication or treatment designed to
prevent the development of a disease.

We will typically give you antibiotics to consume before a
procedure to avoid complications with your current medical
conditions. Our dental staff will always ask you about your medical
conditions. We want to ensure that you are given the correct dental
medication and the correct dental antibiotics before or after your

Many complications can result from a dental procedure if the
correct information is not shared and processed. Our dental professionals
always make sure we have your medical records on hand whenever a dental
procedure occurs.

We will sit down with you and discuss a status exam, which will be
conducted every year that you’re a patient with Bilski
Dental Group. We’ve handled patients that have been with us for a
long time which allows us to generate a safe process of ensuring we have all
of their medical records on file.

Antibiotics are prescribed for specific reasons. These reasons can
range from destroying a bacterial infection to helping get your oral health
back in shape.

Find Out More About Antibiotics

Learning about your medical history helps us prescribe you the
correct antibiotics before or after your dental visit. Discover more about our procedures by
visiting our website or contacting us today.

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