Veneers are a perfect option for people looking to enhance their
smile. But if you’re considering getting veneers, will they last you
for a long time, or will you need another option for a perfect smile?

Can Veneers Last Forever?

It should be noted that veneers are permanent. They are designed
to remain in place for the rest of your life. They usually last for 10-20
years, and if one veneer becomes loose, wears out, or breaks, it must be
replaced. It should be noted that once you get veneers as a dental treatment,
you can not undo the process. Veneers can not be

We Do Same-Day Veneers

We offer same-day veneer treatments for new and existing clients!
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get this treatment done today!

Come Get Porcelain Veneers Done With Us

Aside from same-day veneers, we also offer porcelain veneers in our
office. To learn more about getting porcelain veneer treatments, click here.

Learn More About Our Veneer Treatments

We offer you the highest standard of dental care. Dr. Thomas
Bilski is an experienced dentist in Independence, OH, who will enhance the
health and appearance of your smile while offering the latest treatment
techniques. Our caring staff is focused on making you as comfortable as
possible during your visit.


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