At Bilski Dental, we often receive questions about the proper way
to brush teeth and the potential for over-brushing to cause gum recession.
It’s essential to brush your teeth the right way to prevent gum
recession and maintain overall oral health. Using a soft toothbrush and a
gentle, circular motion can help protect your gums while still effectively
cleaning your teeth. Remember, there’s no need to “go
crazy” while brushing.

In addition to brushing, it’s crucial to floss at least
once a day to remove plaque and debris between teeth that your toothbrush
might miss. Ideally, brush your teeth after every meal, but at a minimum,
brush twice a day.

Key Highlights:

•    Over-brushing can lead
to gum recession due to mechanical abrasion

•    Using a hard, stiff
toothbrush is not recommended

•    Toothpaste can act like
sandpaper on your teeth if paired with an overly aggressive brushing

•    Electric toothbrushes
should be used gently, without added elbow grease

Proper brushing and flossing techniques are crucial to maintaining
healthy gums and preventing gum recession. Visit Bilski Dental for
personalized advice and tailored solutions for your oral health needs.

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