Accidents can happen, and sometimes you crack your tooth or get
intense tooth pain from a meal you just ate. Often, these accidents happen
during the day when the dentist is open, but there are those times when you
have a dental emergency when the dentist is closed. What are your

What Can Bilski Dental Do After Hours For

Most dentists have a phone number that you can call to leave a
message after-hours for infections, bleeding, missing teeth, or a cracked
tooth problem. For Bilski Dental, we also have a phone number for you to
call, but ours is a bit different.

When you call our offices after-hours for a dental emergency, our
phone line will have a prompt that you can use that will connect you to
either Dr. Bilski’s home line or Dr. Timmerman’s home line.
You will leave a message, and either one of the dentists will hear your
message and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Once the dentist gets a hold of you, they will help discuss your
options and what measures you can take to treat the pain or treat the wound
in your mouth. Our website has a pain management link where you can go and
get all the information you need on treating your dental pain from the
comfort of your home. Click here to access that

Our dental practice has little to no emergency calls, thanks to
the quality service to each of our patients! But if you do experience
discomfort, pain, or a dental emergency during our after-hours, our dentists
or excellent staff will be there to assist you! We can even have antibiotics
called in if necessary!

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