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Invisalign in Independence, OH


As dental technologies advance, we have more options to treat
patients. One of the most revolutionary technologies we have at Bilski Family
Dentistry is Invisalign, also known as clear

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are one of the best alternatives to traditional
wire braces. They are made out of acrylic, a plastic that we vacuum form over
these models. This clear retainer fits right over your teeth and gradually
repositions your smile over a period of a few months.

The duration of the treatment depends on the patient’s
teeth and how well they follow the regimen.

What are the advantages of Clear Aligners?

One of the biggest advantages of clear aligners is obviously that
they are not obvious! As the retainer is clear, you won’t be able to
notice it like you would with traditional braces.

Another benefit of the clear aligners is that you can remove the
retainer whenever you need or want to. Though you are supposed to wear it
24/7, you can brush and floss your teeth, eat things you can’t with
wire braces, and so much more with removable clear aligners.

At Bilski Family Dentistry, we do dentistry all under one roof,
meaning that you don’t have to go to a different dental office to get
your orthodontics done. Instead, you can come to us for all of your oral and
dental needs, including Invisalign!

We use our advanced technologies to scan your mouth, so we no
longer have to physically make a mold of your teeth to create your clear
aligner. This is a really great feature because now there is no gaging
involved with orthodontics!

There are many advantages to choosing clear aligners over
traditional wire braces, but when it comes right down to it, they work just
as well as the wire braces, and it’s just up to the patient and what
they feel more comfortable with.

If you have any questions about clear aligners or you want to
schedule a consultation to see if they are right for you, contact us at
Bilski Family Dentistry today!
Invisalign in Independence, OH

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