determining whether brushing hard can cause receding gums or not, what must
first be understood is what type of brush you are using, soft, medium, or

Different Toothbrushes Mean Different

Medium brushes are
considered too hard on your gums, so brushing hard with a medium brush
is thought too hard and can cause harm to your gums. There is a lot
of research out there which shows that medium brushes are considered to be

Many dental professionals
suggest using a soft brush instead. In addition, it is preferred to use
ADA-approved toothpaste, which is also great for sensitive
Using a medium toothbrush
is considered progressively destructive for your teeth, and recession is
indeed possible from that. 
Using this toothbrush
might wear the gums away and cause the bone to resorb itself, bringing out
gum recession.

Using medium brushes for
brushing teeth can also cause micro-fractures of the root surface, where the
tooth and gum meet. Usually, around that region, a layer of enamel goes over
and under the gum. Brushing too hard can cause that enamel to go away, and
this can also expose the

Wrong Toothbrush, Right Solution

something as minor as brushing your teeth too hard with the wrong kind of
brush can cause gum recession. This is why you should contact
as soon as

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