children can’t get dental implants because their bones will continue
to grow, there are some exceptional

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

In the dental industry,
anyone who still has all their baby teeth in is considered to be a child.
Permanent teeth start coming in around 6 or 7 and can be as late as

Some children are born
without teeth, so it is possible to install dentures in them, primarily just
so that their permanent teeth grow.

is a scarce chance that a child may need to get implants installed, in which
case oral surgeons have to work with orthodontists to perform this procedure
and successfully install dental implants.

only applicable in sporadic, exceptional cases like the one discussed
earlier, it is almost impossible and discouraged for children to get dental

Seeking Dental Implants For Your Child? We Can

the bones in their gums are still growing, the implant procedure may not be a
safe option for them to consider. However, if you still think your
child’s condition falls under that criteria, contact

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