average time it should take to get an implant is 90 minutes, considering the
best-case scenario where your dental situation is entirely

Our Dental Implant Procedures Are Time

Before the actual
process, you first have to come in for a consultation. The dental professional
makes measurements after examining your X-rays and talks to you about the

On the day of the procedure,
if no sedation is required, the dental professional will numb the region of
operation with novocaine. After that, an incision is made, bringing the place
where the implant is to be installed into visibility.

the incision is made and the implant region is identified, the implant is
placed using an implant unit, which helps the dentist detect how stable that
implant is inside that jawbone.

The Final Steps Dental

If it is impossible to
fix the tooth and it is terminal, the process is somewhat the same, with
teeth removal being the first step, provided that the bone is not disturbed.
After that, a peg is put into the hole and tightened, after which a grafting
procedure is done around that region.

Implants Today, A Brighter Smile

and advancements in the field have made getting a dental implant as easy as a
consultation and a quick 90-minute procedure, so visit our website today to
schedule an

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