to the dentist is no easy task. It’s tough enough to deal
with a dental issue. But when considering getting a crown, you might be
wondering if a crown can be categorized as a cosmetic procedure. Find out in
our blog post below.

Dental Crown Questions &

The short answer is yes; crowns can be considered a
cosmetic procedure. An example of this possibility is that someone might want
a peak because they may have gotten it a long time ago, which might be
apparent now.

The reason may be that
gold used to be the go-to material used when doing a crown procedure some
time ago, which is quite apparent when they smile. Someone might not like
this, so they might go to a dental professional, asking for a crown for
cosmetic purposes.

Due to modern-day
advancements, using gold teeth for crowns is now a thing of the past. In that
case, a dental professional would pop that gold crown off, scan the tooth,
and make the person a height within 2

The patient can keep the
gold when done with the procedure, but it is generally discouraged. Dental
gold does not hold much value once it’s been in the mouth, so some
dental professionals offer to pay for that tooth

Your Dental Problem, Our Dental

Technology has made many
procedures much more accessible, so dental professionals can also focus on
aesthetics—worried about your crown sticking out? Contact us now, and schedule a
cosmetic crown appointment right away!

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