Are you considering
teeth whitening but have veneers? Doctor Bilski explains the details and
clarifies how veneers interact with tooth whitening

Understanding Veneers and
Teeth Whitening

  • Veneers and
    Whitening: Veneers are thin, customized shells that cover the front surface
    of teeth. Unlike natural teeth, veneers do not respond to traditional tooth
    whitening gels and procedures. Therefore, if you whiten your teeth, your
    veneers won’t undergo a color change.
  • Addressing the Mismatch:
    If you want whiter teeth and currently have veneers, you have options. You
    can consult with a dental professional like Doctor Bilski to remove the old
    veneers and replace them with new ones that match your desired tooth
  • Natural Teeth
    Whitening: Tooth whitening works by lightening the color of natural teeth. If
    you have veneers and your natural teeth are situated behind them, the
    whitening agent can brighten those natural teeth. This, in turn, enhances the
    appearance of your veneers, making them appear whiter because of the brighter
    natural teeth behind them.

Veneers themselves cannot be
whitened directly. The focus of tooth whitening treatments is the natural
teeth. If you are considering veneers or already have them, remember that
they are a cosmetic enhancement designed to address issues like color
changes, shape corrections, and gap closures.

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