Canker Sore Relief in
Cleveland, Ohio

Can Dentists Help Treat Canker Sores?

There are many reasons as to why we get canker sores, but one way
is as a result of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, as patients go through their
chemotherapy treatments, they experience some difficulties, including canker

These sores can be unbearably painful and even cause difficulty
swallowing. Patients who experience these aphthous ulcers can search high and
low for any sort of canker sore relief, but many do not know that their
dentist can help them.

Canker Sore Pain Relief

At the Bilski Dental Group, we are extremely lucky
to be one out of four dentists in the entire United States that has CO2 laser
therapy for chemotherapy canker sores.
This treatment is a
no-contact laser therapy that can zap the canker sore after administering a
topical Novocain.

Essential, this laser cauterizes the lesions in your mouth,
eliminating the nerve endings at that spot, close up capillaries, and helps
with the lymphatics in that area, which provides almost instant pain

Learn More About Canker Sore Relief at the Bilski Dental

If you are experiencing trouble brushing your teeth, eating, or
talking due to the pain caused by your canker sores, contact us today at the
Bilski Dental Group to learn more about our CO2 laser

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