root canals in Independence, Ohio | Dr. BilskiCommon Misconceptions About
Root Canals

Can root canals make you sick or even worse? Many people have
heard horror stories about root canals through Google or from people they
know. However, the reality is that people only share their stories about root
canals if it has gone wrong, which is only about 2% of the time. This is most
likely because they have gone to a dentist who is not proficient in providing
root canals.

Likewise, if they heard it from Google, you may not be getting
reliable information. Dr. Google is not always right, so if you are looking
for information about a procedure such as root canals, then make sure you are
looking at an actual doctor’s website that actually does the

When Do Root Canals Go Wrong?

If the root canals are not done properly, there’s a crack
in the tooth, or you have a dentist that is not proficient in

If you need a root canal and you are:

  • Taking care of yourself
  • Relatively healthy
  • Going to the dentist for your regular cleanings
  • The procedure is done correctly

You’re going to have that 96 to 98 percent success rate.
There is a term in our business, “success versus
There are teeth that have root canals that
aren’t done very well, but the patient does not experience any pain,
there are no fractures, there’s no infection, but the X-rays
don’t look very good. This is called survival.

When you look at it, most of us on the planet that have root
canals are surviving at a high success rate.

Professional Root Canal Specialist

To have a root canal done, you could go to an endodontist (root
canal specialist) or a general dentistry practice that specializes in root
canals. As long as the doctor is proficient and comfortable, you should have
no issues. And if they’re not comfortable, they usually say,
“I’m not comfortable with this. I think you should go see a
specialty doctor.”

Alternatives to Root Canals

If you have inquired with your dentist and you are still
apprehensive about the procedure, there are alternatives. Dental
are one way to solve your discomfort and keep you

If you are concerned about your oral health, if you do not have a
dentist and you are looking for a root canal, or if you just need a general dentist
to see two, three times a year, contact us at Bilski Family Dentistry

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