At Bilski Dental, we
often encounter patients with concerns about cracked teeth and whether they
can heal on their own. It’s important to understand the nature of
tooth damage and the options available for

Understanding Cracked

  • Unlike bones or soft
    tissues, teeth do not have the capacity to heal themselves. Once a tooth is
    cracked, it requires professional dental
  • Cracks in teeth, even
    hairline fractures, cannot heal over time.

Different Types of
Tooth Cracks:

  • In mature adults or
    seniors, teeth may develop what are known as ‘cracks and
    crazes.’ These are fine lines similar to the crackle seen in the
    glaze of a coffee cup due to aging. While these do not indicate a
    through-and-through crack, they do not heal on their
  • A definitive crack
    that visibly separates part of a tooth under pressure cannot heal by itself and
    needs dental attention.

At Bilski Dental, we
emphasize the importance of addressing dental cracks and fractures promptly
to prevent further complications.

If you suspect you have a
cracked tooth or are experiencing any dental discomfort, don’t wait
for it to heal on its own. Contact Bilski Dental for a professional
assessment and appropriate treatment to maintain your oral

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