Everyone enjoys a nice bowl of buttery popcorn from time to time.
There are even those of us who enjoy eating the kernels at the bottom of the
bowl, which never popped. This may have led to a chipped – or even a cracked
tooth. Cracked teeth are not a fun moment to encounter. Thankfully Bilski
Dental Group is here to give us some insight into what a broken tooth means,
how to treat it, and how to avoid CTS.

Dental Terminology For A Cracked Tooth

In Cracked Tooth Syndrome (CTS), a tooth is incompletely cracked
but has not yet broken off. Sometimes it is referred to as a greenstick
fracture. Symptoms are incredibly variable, and it isn’t easy to

The cracked tooth might be communicating pain to the dental nerve,
but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a root canal. This helps
tell your dentist that something has occurred and needs to be examined to
determine a possible outcome.

Suppose you happen to visit our dental office at Bilski Dental
Group. We will insert a temporary crown to try and take away the pain from
the cracked tooth. We utilize our CEREC machine in our office to make the
procedure quick and convenient for you.

Symptoms of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

The symptoms associated with CTS are usually sensitivity to
anything hot or cold. This includes drinks, foods, or anything you consume.
Another symptom is sensitivity to tapping your teeth together,
chewing, and inhaling cold or hot air. If you experience pain during any of
these activities, then you most likely have a cracked tooth someplace and
require dental care.

Find Out More About Cracked Tooth

Let Bilski Dental Group handle your CTS and contact us today for
all of your dental needs.

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