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Sport Safety

It’s important to make sure you or your child is protected
when they are playing sports! Athletes are more prone to injury than other
students whether its a head injury, a broken bone, etc. We all know the
importance of wearing a helmet in baseball or football, but not everyone
constantly wears their mouth guards, especially during practice.

Tooth pushed back in a basketball injury | Independence, OhioMouth Injury:
Basketball Player

This patient is a high school basketball player who took an elbow
to the face, causing one of her front teeth to be pushed

This injury caused soft tissue damage meaning the lips, and the
gum pushes the tooth back. To wire to fix pushed back tooth | Dr. Bilskifix this injury, we had to physically pull the tooth forward and push it
up to re-align it with the others.

The wire is just a normal orthodontic wire that we splint together. She had
to wear this wire for six to eight weeks. Then we take it off to see what has
happened with the tooth.

Root Canal and Veneers for a Football Player

Football tooth injury | Independence, OhioThis patient took a quick blow to the chin while playing football
without wearing his mouth guard. As a result, he chipped his front tooth.
Because of this, he had to get a root canal then

Not only could these surgeries have been prevented, but he could
have saved his parents, a lot of money had he been wearing a custom-made
protective mouth guard.

Custom Made Protective Mouth Guards for Sport

Both of these injuries and costs could have been avoided had the
patients been wearing a custom-made protective mouthcustom made protective mouth guard for sports safety guard!

These mouth guards are not very expensive, generally about $75.
They’re easy to make. In our practice, we can actually use a camera
and take pictures, no more goopy molds!

Within 24 hours, we can turn that around and make the guard any
color! The colors could match your sports team or your favorite pro team,
whatever color you want.

If you are an athlete or your son or daughter are athletes, make
sure to protect their teeth and your pocketbook by having a custom-made
protective mouth guard! Contact us at Bilski Family Dentistry today if you
have any questions about our mouth guards or to schedule an

Custom-Made Protective Mouth Guards | Independence, Ohio

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