Dental Practice Serving Independence, Ohio for Over 100 Years | Dr. Bilski DDS

Bilski Family Dentistry has partnered with Virteom to engage our
patients and users about our dentistry practice and services. We are an All
Under One Roof family dentist office located in Independence,

In this video we talk about how the practice started and
it’s history. Watch or read the transcription

Dental Practice Serving
Independence, Ohio for Over 100 Years

Our practice has actually been around since the 1900s and Dr.
Bilski is the 4th doctor to own and run the practice. He’s been
doing this for 31 years in Independence and has truly established himself in
that time. In the video, he tells the story of the how the practice

The Wilson family started the practice and it all began with
Grandpa Wilson in the early 1900s. After that, his son Glen took over, Dr.
Glen Wilson. Passing ownership down through the family. He actually moved the
practice to Independence, where it is now. After a while, Dr. Kindl purchased
the practice.

Dr. Bilski Takes Over

Dr. Bilski bought the practice from Dr. Kindl about 20 years ago.
Dr. Kindl still practices at our offices and does a great job. At the end of
it all, our practice has truly been servicing the people of Independence,
Ohio and surrounding Cleveland communities for well over 100

Dr. Bilski has been working with the practice for 31 years, and
has been the owner for 20. He takes pride in his work and plans to be there
for a long time. His expertise is very articulate while also comprehensive
across many dental services. We like to say it’s Dentistry All
Under One Roof.

All Under One Roof with the Latest Dental

Our services range from Dental Implants, Veneers, Custom
Sleep Apnea Solutions
, Headache
, preventative dentistry,
and of course general dentistry. We are always working to bring in new
doctors and have our doctors stay educated on that latest in the

We keep up with new dental technology and make an effort to have
the latest advancements available in our offices. We believe this will allow
us to continue the tradition that’s been built up over the last 100

Longevity in Our Practice

We know that keeping up with the latest advancements and
attracting new doctors will help us keep this practice alive for the next
50-100 years. Could you imagine the same practice serving the community for
over 150 years?

Being this established allows us to better serve our community. We
know how to operate our business daily so it’s stress-free for the
patients visiting us. We also offer Dental Savings Plans, because we want
everyone to options.

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