At Bilski Dental, we understand the concerns of our patients –
from dental anxiety to the cost of treatments, especially when dental
insurance is not available. That’s why we’ve developed the
Bilski Dental Savings Plan, an affordable alternative to traditional dental

With our plan, you can enjoy the following benefits:
•    Two annual cleanings for healthy
•    Additional cleanings for
periodontal patients
•    A membership fee with monthly
payment options or a discount for upfront payment
•    15% off all

Our patients appreciate the flexibility of our wellness plan, as
it offers no waiting periods, no maximum limits, and no restrictions on
services. Many of our patients have even left their dental insurance programs
in favor of our plan due to the added freedom and savings it

To learn more about the Bilski Dental Savings Plan, visit our website or
schedule a complimentary appointment with our team. During this visit,
we’ll assess your dental needs and determine if our wellness plan is
the right choice for you. Our goal is to ensure you receive the dental care
you need without financial stress.

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