Ditch the Dentures and
Try Mini Dental Implants

If you are someone who has had dentures, then you know how much of
a pain they can be. They require a lot of extra cleaning and care, they can
fall out, it can be hard to eat certain foods, and they can ruin your

At the Bilski Dental Group, we have various treatment options for
patients who have lost their teeth and want to replace them

In this video, we are showing an example of a patient who was sick
of his dentures because he wasn’t able to eat or drink well with them
in his mouth. We gave him all of the options which we always do. We want our
patients to make informed decisions so they can choose the best option for
their budget and lifestyle.

This gentleman decided to go with the upper mini dental implants
to keep costs lower than traditional dental implants and to solve the issue
he was having while eating.

Learn More About Mini Implants

If you are looking for affordable missing tooth solutions, our
team at the Bilski Dental Group will help you find the best way to get your
full smile and function back in a way that works for

Contact us today to learn more and check out our video library
to watch more informational videos like this.

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