Bilski Dental handles all kinds of patients, regardless of their
age! But do we handle pediatric dentistry? Is Bilksi Dental a family dental

A Dentist For The Whole Family

To answer the above question regarding pediatric dentistry, we
need to understand who pediatric dentists are and what they handle daily.
Pediatric Dentists have the experience and qualifications to care
for the teeth, gums, and mouth of children throughout

Dr. Bilski and his practice are what is considered a family dental
practice. Dr. Bilski and his associates are general dentists, meaning they
have the qualifications and skillsets to see the entire

Bilski Dental will usually see children as young as three or four
years old regarding children. These are the ages when most children come off
the baby bottle. During this process of getting off the bottle, most children
will experience “bottle decay.” Bottle decay happens when
children develop milk cavities and need proper dental

We leave it up to the parents to decide what is best for their
child! But we are happy to help! We leave it up to the parents to determine
what is best for their child! But we are pleased to help! As long as Dr.
Bilksi feels comfortable and the child is manageable, our facility will
gladly see your child for cavities or other dental work if

If we can not offer the proper assistance, we will send them to
one of our referrals for pediatric dentistry.

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