Dr. Bilski on Wellness

Dr. Bilski on TV?! Whaaaat? If you want to learn more about the
amazing services, treatments, and procedures we offer here at the Bilski
Dental Group, check out the air dates below:

WOIO Channel 4:
Saturday 6/31/21 at 5:00 am

WUAB Channel 6- 
Monday (8/2/21), Tuesday(8/2/21), Wednesday (8/2/21) at 5:30
Sunday (8/7/21) 5:00 am and 6:00 am

What is Wellness Hour?

Wellness Hour is a morning talk show where professionals of all
different types of industries share more about their business and how they
can help their clients, customers, and/or patients.

During Dr. Bilski’s time, he’s going to talk about
a lot of topics like laser cleaning, veneers, Invisalign, dental
, smile makeovers, you name

Learn More About the Bilski Dental Group

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Bilski, the
Wellness Hour, or any of our services, please contact us

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