At Bilski Dental, we
often encounter patients with dental emergencies, such as chipped teeth.
Understanding what to do in these situations is crucial for preserving the
tooth and ensuring the best possible outcome.

Immediate Actions for a Chipped

  • If you can locate the
    chipped piece of the tooth, carefully pick it up and keep it safe, preferably
    wrapped in a clean cloth or handkerchief.
  • For a completely
    knocked-out tooth, it’s recommended to keep the tooth moist, either
    by placing it in milk or, in an emergency, holding it in your cheek until you
    can get to a dentist.

What to Do with the Chipped

  • If the chipped piece
    is sizable, bring it to the dentist. We can often bond the original piece
    back to the tooth.
  • The success and
    longevity of the bond depend on the tooth’s condition and the
    patient’s level of activity.

Solutions When the Chipped
Piece is Missing:

  • If you can’t
    find the piece of the tooth, modern dental bonding techniques can effectively
    restore the tooth’s appearance.
  • We use acrylics that
    match the natural color of your enamel to fill and shape the chipped

At Bilski Dental,
we’re prepared to handle dental emergencies like chipped teeth with
professional care and expertise. We emphasize the importance of seeking
immediate dental attention in these situations.

If you’ve
chipped a tooth or have any other dental emergency, don’t hesitate to
contact Bilski Dental. We’re here to provide expert care and
restore your smile swiftly and safely. 

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