At Bilski Dental, we frequently get questions about whether dental
crowns can be considered cosmetic procedures. Dental crowns can serve both
functional and cosmetic purposes. Their functional purpose is to repair a
broken or missing tooth, and their cosmetic purpose is to improve the
appearance of discolored or unsightly teeth.

Factors that determine if a dental crown is a cosmetic

1.    Patient’s concerns and
•    If the patient is unhappy with
the appearance of a tooth, a dental crown may be considered cosmetic. The
goal is to boost self-esteem and improve the overall look of the

2.    Dental evaluation and x-rays:
•    Before placing a dental crown for
cosmetic reasons, a thorough evaluation is conducted. This helps determine if
there are any underlying functional issues that need to be

3.    Insurance considerations:
•    Dental insurance may or may not
cover cosmetic procedures, including dental crowns. It is essential to verify
coverage before proceeding with the treatment.

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treatments to help you achieve the smile you’ve always

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