At Bilski Dental, we
often deal with dental emergencies like cracked or chipped teeth.
Understanding the various methods of repair available can help alleviate
concerns and ensure patients receive the best care for their specific

Repairing Cracked and Chipped

  • For minor chips,
    especially on the tooth’s surface, a simple bonding procedure using
    tooth-colored resin can effectively restore the tooth’s appearance.
    This method is often painless and doesn’t require
  • More significant
    chips, where a larger portion of the tooth is missing, may require reshaping
    the tooth and applying a more substantial tooth-colored filling. This process
    might involve local anesthesia for comfort.
  • In cases where a
    tooth has an existing filling or the crack is more severe, a veneer might be
    the best option. Veneers can be made from composite materials or porcelain
    and are typically applied to the front teeth.
  • For extensive damage,
    particularly on back teeth or molars, a crown may be necessary. Crowns can be
    made from various materials like gold, porcelain, or zirconia, depending on
    the tooth’s location and aesthetic

Our office is equipped with
CEREC technology, allowing us to create custom crowns or veneers in a single
visit. This means patients can come in with a broken tooth and leave with a
fully repaired smile in just a few hours. We offer a wide range of color
shades for our restorations to ensure a natural look, with the option to
stain and characterize the material for a perfect

At Bilski Dental, we combine
the art and science of dentistry to provide comprehensive, high-quality care
for all our patients.

If you’re dealing with
a cracked or chipped tooth, or if you’re interested in learning more
about our dental services, visit Bilski Dental to explore our range of

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