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At Bilski Family Dentistry, we understand that every patient is an
individual with different teeth and different preferences. We always try to
do what our patients ask, but when it comes to cleanings, we have a
recommended schedule that is broken into four separate

We put our patients into four categories to help determine how
often they should come in for cleanings. Those categories are children,
adults, super seniors, and periodontal patients.

How Often Should Kids Go to the Dentist?

Kids are usually 12 and under or anyone who still does not have
all of their adult teeth yet. It could be that a 12-year-old has all of their
teeth, then they would be an adult in the dental world. We suggest kids
should come in twice a year.

How Often Should Adults Go to the Dentist?

In the dental world, adults are usually 13 years and older, but
anyone who has all of their adult teeth, and that carries all the way up to
about 70 through 74. Adults should visit the dentist for cleanings twice a
year, as well. However, if we are finding they have multiple cavities or
another issue, we might recommend they come in more

How Often Should Seniors Go to the Dentist?

Anyone who is 75 years and older is considered a senior
because there’s a little different care for the overall environment.
The American Periodontal Association recommends patients 75 and older visit
the dentist four times a year.

How Often Should a Periodontal Patient Go to the

A periodontal patient is anyone who has gum problems, has had
mouth surgery, missing teeth, loose teeth, etc. We ask periodontal patients
to come in every three months so that we can catch things while they are

If you need to go to the dentist for your cleaning, contact us at
Bilski Family Dentistry. If you are worried about your insurance coverage, we
have a great dental savings plan that we can
discuss with you!

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