Dr. Bilski saves veteran's smile with Provance | Independence, OH

How Provance Saved a
Veteran’s Smile

At Bilski Family Dentistry, we are proud to serve our veterans by
helping them maintain or even giving them healthy and beautiful smiles! In
one particular patient, we were able to completely reinvigorate this
veteran’s smile with our state of the art Provance technology with
the help of our partner Csapo Dental Arts in Fairview Park,

Veteran has tooth enamel disorder | Dr. BilskiVeteran Who Needed a Smile

As you can see in the photo to the right, this gentleman
had a severe case of Amelogenesis imperfecta, which is a tooth development
disorder. This disorder causes improper development of tooth enamel making it
really easy for the patient to wear out his teeth.


Why We Chose Provance

This patient thought that he was going to come in and get dentures
or implants. He thought we were going to have to extract every single one of
his teeth. But, upon taking x-rays, we found that his roots were actually
pretty stable.

Provance saved this veteran's smile | Independence, OHInstead of extracting his teeth, we were able to give him his smile back
with Provance! In a previous blog, we talk about Provance
in greater depth, but they are an acrylic delivery system that’s
bonded to the roots of his natural teeth.

After the procedure, he was able to speak better, eat better, and
go out in public without feeling embarrassed.

Provance is Cost-Effective and Takes Less Time

By treating the patient with Provance instead of implants, we
saved him a lot of time and money! Implant therapy can cost up to 60 to 80
thousand dollars, with a lot of recovery time. Not to mention the
diagnostic work and waiting time until the procedure can

With Provance, this man had his smile back and better than ever in
only two appointments! He came in for x-rays and we did a mold of his teeth,
which now we can do with a camera! We sent the x-rays and the mold over the
Csapo and in three weeks he came back to us to get the bonding within just
four hours. That’s huge considering the before and after

If you need a smile makeover, whether its’ your whole
mouth or just a single tooth, Bilski Family Dentistry is the place to go! We
can get you the smile you want and sometimes need in fewer appointments, for
a lower cost, and with the best results!


Dr. Bilski saves veteran's smile with Provance | Independence, OH

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