Are you considering Invisalign but concerned about your history of frequent cavities? At Bilski Dental, we understand your concerns and offer comprehensive solutions to ensure you can benefit from Invisalign while maintaining optimal oral health.

Can You Get Invisalign If You Have Cavities?

Yes, you can still get Invisalign even if you are prone to cavities. However, it’s crucial to address any active dental issues before starting your treatment. Here’s how we manage this:

  • Cavity Risk Assessment: We start with a thorough evaluation of your cavity risk to tailor our approach effectively.
  • Eradicating Cavities: Any existing cavities need to be treated before fitting Invisalign trays to prevent further oral health complications.

Additional Preventative Measures

To ensure the best outcomes from your Invisalign treatment while managing your cavity risk, we might recommend:

  • Increased Cleaning Frequency: Depending on your cavity risk level, more frequent professional cleanings may be necessary.
  • Fluoride Applications: We can suggest at-home fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth and help prevent new cavities.
  • Natural Mouth Rinses and Laser Therapy: We utilize natural solutions and advanced laser therapy to eliminate bacteria and desensitize teeth, creating a healthier environment for your Invisalign treatment.

Start Your Invisalign Journey with Confidence

Don’t let the fear of cavities hold you back from achieving the straight smile you’ve always wanted. At Bilski Dental, we’re equipped to prepare your teeth for Invisalign, ensuring a smooth and successful treatment process. Schedule your consultation today to explore your options and begin your journey to a healthier, straighter smile.

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