Is My Bad Breath Due to
Tonsil Stones?

Chronic Bad Breath? You Might Have Tonsil

There are many reasons as to why we get bad breath, and everyone
has it at some point in their life. However, for those of us who have chronic
bad breath, it could be because of an underlying issue. One thing that can
cause chronic bad breath is a tonsil stone.

What is a Tonsil Stone?

A tonsil stone is a buildup of bacteria, cells, and debris in the
back of your mouth. These stones are usually not painful, but they do cause
some anxiety if you find one. There is nothing to worry

They are very easy to remove, we do recommend having a
professional remove these tonsil stones, but it is possible to do at

How Do You Remove a Tonsil Stone?

We can quickly and painlessly remove the stone with an irrigation
syringe and suction tube. This allows us to safely remove the stone without a
choking hazard. After the stone is removed, we will use StellaLife to clean the area, and then
we will use a CO2 laser to remove any more bacteria that might be left
behind. This will help prevent them from growing back.

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

It is easy to prevent tonsil stones with regular oral hygiene!
Brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and consistent dental appointments will do
that trick!

Learn More About Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath

If you are experiencing chronic bad breath, it might be due to a
tonsil stone. Contact us today at the Bilski Dental Group to schedule your
appointment so we can help you get rid of that bad breath!

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