Is Teeth Whitening

In short, the answer is yes! The myth is that teeth whitening is
going to kill your nerves and cause sensitivity. However, that is just not
the case. There are many types of whitening treatments that are 100% safe,
but some are more effective than others.

In-Office Whitening Technique

There are two types of whitening treatments that are
typically used by dentists- carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. At the
Bilski Dental Group, we use hydrogen peroxide gels because they offer a more
comfortable experience for the patients. We put the gel over the tooth and
let it sit for about 20 minutes under blue light.

If you are coming in for this treatment, it is important to
hydrate before coming in as the process can dehydrate your teeth. By making
sure you are hydrated, your teeth will feel less sensitive during the

The whole appointment takes about an hour and a half and leaves
you with a white and bright smile that is sure to stun!

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Treatments

We have no problem with our patients wanting to try the over the
counter whitening options. However, we have fun that in-office treatment is
more effective and more affordable in the long run.

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