Keep Your Dentures or
Aligners Fresh

If you are someone who wears dentures, removable partials,
Invisalign, or retainers, you might have noticed that your dental device has
a certain unpleasant odor. The Bilski Dental Group offers a simple


Smilesaver made by Soluria is a spray
that offers up to 24-hour results! Simply spray Smilesaver on your dentures,
removable partials, Invisalign, or retainer, let it sit for 60 seconds, and
place the device back into your mouth.

This is a great product for denture wearers. Since our dentures
are in our mouths almost all of the time and they aren’t replaced
often, the Smilesaver formula can help refresh your mouth with minty

Learn More About Smilesaver

If you are ever struggling with something that is dental related
such as a stinky retainer, always talk to your dentist about it because more
likely than not, they will have a solution for you!

Contact us today to learn more about Smilesaver and buy yours

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