New technological advancements are being conducted in dentistry
every year. As of recent, there has been an elevated need for gum treatment. Treating your gums with
care is essential for your mouth and your teeth. But how can gums be
corrected or taken care of through dental work?

The Technology Explained

It’s a CO2 laser called a Deka Laser. Hailing from
Italy, this state-of-the-art laser allows our practice to conduct surgery
without the need for medical stitches.

How it works is that the laser will only cut to a depth with low
energy of point one millimeter.

Patients Who Might Require Laser Gum Surgery

At Bilski Dental Group, we often get patients who come in with a
gummy smile. Gummy smiles are characterized by encroaching gums that slightly
cover the teeth, creating an appearance of smaller teeth. This results in an
obscured smile by advancing gums. For those younger than 20, we typically
call that a juvenile smile.

Thanks to the lower energy laser cutting, we can assist
those patients with a gummy smile or a juvenile smile without the need for a
drawn-out dental procedure. Our laser can lift the tissue off of your gums,
which will then permit your teeth to be showcased better as your gums are
shortened and diminished to proper lengths.

Discover More About Laser Gum Surgery

Contact Bilski Dental Group today for more information about this
harmless and painless procedure and see if you qualify as a

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