Laser Oral Lump Removal
in Independence, Ohio

If you have a lump in your mouth that is painful or annoying, the
Bilski Dental Group can help!

What is this Lump in My Mouth?

There are usually two types of lumps in your


Fibromas are benign tumors composed of fibrous or connective
tissues. They are generally about the size of a number 2 pencil eraser and
caused by trauma when you bite your cheek or lip. These will be the same
color as your cheek or lip.


Mucocele is very similar to fibromas in size, but they will have a
blue tint to them. Unlike fibromas, the mucocele will enlarge and deflate
over the years again and again, which can become very

How to Treat Oral Lumps

With both of these types of lumps, we can easily remove them with
a non-contact C02 laser within a one-hour appointment. This will heal within
about a week or so.

We also always send tests to our lab to reassure you that these
lumps are non-cancerous. We will always inform you of the results, positive
or negative, and we have never seen a malignant fibroma or mucocele lump in
our practice, so there is very little cause for concern.

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