At Bilski Dental, we
often encounter questions about the timing of baby tooth loss in children.
Understanding the nuances of dental development is key to ensuring your
child’s oral health.

Here’s what
parents should know:

  • Typical Age for Tooth
    Loss: While most children lose their baby teeth and gain permanent teeth
    around the age of 12, variations are normal. Some children may experience
    this transition earlier or later than others.
  • Delayed Tooth
    Eruption: In cases where permanent teeth emerge late, such as at 18 years
    old, it’s often not a cause for concern. However, factors like diet
    and overall physical development can influence dental growth
  • Signs to Watch For:
    Delayed loss of baby teeth at age 13 or older can sometimes indicate dental
    issues like misalignment or crowding. It’s important to monitor this
    and consult with a dental professional.
  • When to Seek
    Professional Advice
  • Regular Dental
    Check-Ups: Regular visits to the dentist are crucial. These check-ups help in
    identifying any anomalies in dental development.
  • Orthodontic
    Evaluation: If there are signs of crowding or misalignment, an orthodontic
    evaluation might be necessary. This helps in planning appropriate treatment
    and ensuring proper dental alignment.

At Bilski Dental, we are
dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care and guidance for your
family. We understand that each child’s dental journey is unique, and
we’re here to support you every step of the

If your child is experiencing
delayed tooth loss or you have concerns about their dental development,
schedule a visit with Bilski Dental today. Let us help you ensure a healthy
and beautiful smile for your child!

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