At Bilski Dental, we
frequently address concerns from patients who experience a filling falling
out. This can be a disconcerting experience, but understanding the right
steps to take can alleviate discomfort and prevent further dental

Immediate Steps When a Filling
Falls Out:

  • If you notice a
    filling has come out, a temporary solution is to chew sugarless gum and
    gently cover the exposed area.
  • Avoid trying to pack
    the gum into the cavity; simply covering the tooth can provide temporary

Sensitivity and
Dental Care:

  • Sensitivity,
    especially to cold air or drinks, is common when a filling falls
  • If you experience
    sensitivity, it’s crucial to contact your dentist as soon as
    possible to address the issue.

Common Occurrences
with Lost Fillings:

  • It’s not
    unusual for patients to be unaware that a filling has fallen out,
    particularly if it’s located in a less visible part of the
  • Regular dental
    check-ups can help identify and address these issues before they become more

Using Intraoral
Photography for Patient Education:

  • At Bilski Dental, we
    utilize intraoral photography to show patients the condition of their teeth,
    comparing healthy areas to those needing
  • This visual aid helps
    patients understand the extent of their dental issues and the necessary steps
    for treatment.

When to Consider a
Crown or Additional Treatment:

  • Depending on the size
    of the lost filling and the condition of the tooth, we may suggest a crown or
    other treatments.
  • In cases of extensive
    damage, such as a cracked tooth or cavity, more comprehensive treatment may
    be necessary.

At Bilski Dental, we
are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate dental care. We
understand the importance of addressing dental emergencies promptly and
educating our patients about their oral health.

If you’ve lost a
filling or have any other dental concerns, visit Bilski Dental for expert
care. Check out our extensive range of informative videos at for more insights into maintaining optimal oral

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