At Bilski Dental, we
often encounter patients curious about the limits of dental restoration. How
large can a cavity be before a filling is no longer an option? Our commitment
to patient education and oral health compels us to clarify these concerns,
ensuring that our patients are well-informed and comfortable with their
treatment options.


  • When a Filling is
    Sufficient: Small cavities, typically less than half the size of the chewing
    surface, can be effectively treated with tooth-colored
  • Considering the
    Tooth’s Integrity: We assess whether a filling will be effective,
    healthy, and durable in the long term. A tooth’s foundation must be
    strong enough to support the filling, not the other way
  • Bigger Cavities,
    Bigger Decisions: For cavities that are extensive, involving more than 50% of
    the chewing surface or undermining the tooth’s foundation,
    alternative solutions like crowns may be recommended.
  • Personalized Care and
    Budget Concerns: We understand that dental work is an investment. Our team
    works with patients to find solutions that respect their budget and personal

At Bilski Dental, we believe
in treating our patients like family, advising them like friends on the best
course of action for their dental health. We’re proud to have served
the community for over 36 years, and we look forward to continuing this

Your smile is our priority,
and we’re here to ensure it stays bright and healthy for years to

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