There are a lot of questions patients ask when dealing with their
dental insurance. But what are the main questions that are often asked about
dental insurance?

Question One: What Does Out Of Network

Out-Of-Network usually refers to providers who are not directly
contracted with the individual’s insurer and provide services at a
predetermined rate. Most insurers maintain capitated contracts with standard
providers. These contracts are regional because insurers are
authorized state-by-state under ERISA.

Even if you have an Out-Of-Network insurance provider, Bilski
Dental can still help you with your dental procedures! Usually, your
insurance provider will find the best dentistry around your area and go with
them vs. a density outside of your zip code. Call your recommended dentistry
before committing to them long-term to ensure you are getting the best dental
work done.

Question Number Two: Why Do I Pay Out Of Pocket

Everyone ponders this question when dealing with an insurance
provider. If you are paying a certain amount per year, why are you also
paying an out-of-pocket cost for your dental procedure? Insurance companies
go by their fee schedule. Some insurance companies will cover 50%, 80%, or
more expenses. It is essential to always read your terms before signing
anything to save yourself the most money in the long

*If you are still confused or need further elaboration
on this question, the above video is filled with information from Dr. Bilski
about this particular subject!*

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