Non-Metal Dental

When it comes to tooth replacement solutions, dental implants are
by far the best option. They offer long-lasting, natural-looking teeth that
give you all of the functions of your natural

There are a few different options when it comes to dental
implants, and one of those options is the material they are made

Typically, most patients have metal or titanium implants. What
dentists have found over the years is that the gums don’t attach to
the metal implants causing them to show through just a little

How do we solve that issue? With non-metal zirconia

We’ve been using zirconia implants, maybe for about four
or five years. And the only difference between zirconia and metal implants is
that the gum tissue attaches to the zirconia, where the gum tissue does not
attach to the metal implant.

Likewise, non-metal implants offer dental options for patients who
cannot have metal added to their bodies due to religion or personal

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