Old Crown Causing

Are you having issues with your crown that has been placed years ago?
Sometimes this can happen when a crown has been placed incorrectly, or the
area surrounding the crown starts to decay. The first step is to remove the
crown so that we can fully assess the situation.

Will I Need My Tooth Removed?

Not necessarily, in many cases, we can remove the crown and clean
inside the tooth and the surrounding gums. Then we can place a new crown on
the same day! With our Cerec machine, we can quickly create a new crown to
perfectly fit your tooth in about two hours.

Every Patient is Different

More often than not, we just need to replace the crown because the
old one was 15 to 20, maybe even older, but these aren’t meant to
last forever. However, sometimes the tooth could be compromised and need to be taken
In this case, we can work with you on a replacement option
that works best for you.

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If you have an old crown that is bothering you and you want to
learn more about how to treat it, contact us today at the Bilski Dental
Group. You can learn more about our services and treatment options by
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