As the world learns to live with COVID-19, we are slowly getting
back to living everyday, healthy lives again. But the world has changed, and
so has dentistry. We understand that many people are still dealing with the
negative impacts of the global pandemic. We want to let you know that Bilski
Dental understands and wants to make your visit easier and safer for
everyone! We wish to introduce touchless check-in and

Touchless Check-In And Check-Out

With our new process of checking in our patients online,
we’ll be able to provide a safer and healthier experience to all of
our patients across Northeast Ohio! We understand there will still be
patients who want that face-to-face interaction – that isn’t going
away any time soon don’t worry!

Our new online process will give our patients the option to opt-in
for touchless check-in or check-out and be able to process their requests
online before or after an appointment. Patients will also be able to pay for
their appointments and procedures online thanks to our secure payment service
through Rectangle Health.

All of your information on our online database will also be sent
out to your insurance provider for you to keep up with your claims and

Learn More About Our Online Services

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