Dr. Bilski can fix even the most extreme cases of broken teeth with Provance Veneers | Independence, OH

Everyone’s teeth are different, whether you have an
underbite, spacing in between your teeth, or you’re still on your way
to getting braces. Whatever the case, not all dental procedures are best for

For example, we had this young man come in after wrestling around
with his brother. As you can see in the photo below, not only does he have
half of his front tooth missing but he does over a deep bite. Before patient had Provance caps

Typically, with a broken tooth such as we see here, we would want
to cap it with a veneer. However, because of this patient’s deep
bite, it’s very difficult to make a final restoration veneer of a
crown bond.

Provance Veneers

Instead, we use a technique called Provance, which is an acrylic
final long term restoration cap. This is worked really nice for this young
man and it’s also half the price of porcelain!

After Provance caps

Moreover, this patient also needed to have braces. Now that would
usually be a problem if he had a typical porcelain veneer. But, the best part
about the acrylic cap is that we can still attach braces to

A Little Help From Our Friends

After we had completed his acrylic cap, he went to his orthodontist
and they immediately called us and said that it was the best restoration they
had ever seen. We wish we could take all the credit, but we had a lot of help
from the Csapo Dental Arts Lab in Fairview Park, who developed the acrylic
cap for us.

If you have a unique smile and traditional dental remedies just
won’t cut it, contact
at Bilski Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment and see
how we can help you get the smile of your dreams!Provance veneers are an acrylic veneer that can fix the most extreme cases of broken teeth | Dr. Bilski

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