Suppose you’ve ever gotten any form of dental treatment
done. In that case, you understand that sometimes the procedure requires
putting the patient to sleep to get the job done. But why is it that dental
patients need to be put to sleep? What is anesthesia? How is anesthesia
administered in a dental office?

Certified Anesthesiologist

We here at Bilski Dental Group are fortunate to have Dr. Tucker
from the Cleveland Clinic. She comes in and tends to our patients who prefer
to sleep during their dental procedures. As a certified anesthesiologist, she
can walk our patients through their I.V. anesthesia and make sure
they’re comfortable and ready to

Depending on the procedure being conducted, some of our patients
are put to sleep. Sometimes, a procedure may take a while, and when that
happens, we don’t want to put our patients through that pain, so we
use anesthesia. Before we put a patient to sleep, we check your medical
records to ensure you can handle the anesthesia.

The Sleep Process

The anesthesia is inserted through an I.V. after you have been
cleared medically by the anesthesiologist. This prevents us from using tubes
for general anesthesia that go inside your mouth and down your

This I.V. process allows us to monitor your vitals as we perform
the necessary dental procedure. The medication we provide also gives you the
peace and guarantees that you’ll come out of your sleep feeling
good and confident in the work we did.

We also use in-office oral sedation if anesthesia is not your cup
of tea. You may be alert of what is happening through oral
sedation, but you will be heavily sedated throughout your

Then, of course, we make sure you have a family member or someone
to bring you home safely after you complete your dental

Learn More About Our Sleep Process

If you’re still on the fence about anesthesia or heavy
sedation, give us a call or check out our website for more

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