The normal routine we suggest for seeing patients is
twice per year for teeth cleaning. But at times, someone might be getting a
few extra cleanings per year. Is there a difference in the amount of cleaning
you get as a patient of Bilski Dental

Cleaning Stats

Back in the 1940s, dentists recommended getting your teeth cleaned
twice per year. Later on, in the 1950s, this was heavily marketed across the
United States. Since then, we’ve stuck with this pattern to promote
healthy oral hygiene.

The truth is, if you are a low-risk cavity patient, and have no
receding or swollen gums, then twice a year is just the
right amount. Typically these types of patients are under
the age of 30. When you start reaching 35+, we notice that our patients tend
to get more busy with their lives, resulting in fewer visits to our dental

For our patients who reach the age of 60-70, we at Bilski Dental
Group recommend they come in at least three times a year
for cleaning. These cleanings will be conducted every four months. This age
group needs more frequent cleaning because as we age, we become more
susceptible to medical conditions in our bodies and in our

For our patients 75 years old or older, we recommend having you
come in for a cleaning at least four times per year.
These age ranges are based on industry research through the American Academy
of Periodontology. The American Heart Association is also recommending the
same information when coming in for routine dental teeth

Find Out More About Frequent Cleaning

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