Sometimes you just need a tooth cleaning session at the dentist,
but sometimes you need a root canal or a dental implant. That’s what
we’re here to discuss today. What is the difference between a root
canal and a dental

Finding The Differences

If you come into Bilski Dental Group, we can determine if a root
canal or a dental implant is best for you. If a tooth has a minor infection
or a lesion, we can perform a routine root canal. But if the problem is much
larger, then we will look at alternatives like a bridge or, in this case – a
dental implant. A dental implant will be recommended if we believe the entire
tooth needs to be extracted.

Root canals are needed when a tooth is cracked from trauma or genetics,
has a deep cavity, or has issues from a previous filling. The purpose of a
dental implant is to provide support for a dental prosthesis such as a crown,
bridge, denture, or facial prosthesis or to function as an orthodontic

What It Comes Down To

At the core of these two options, it comes down to you, the
patient. Bilski Dental Group can help you make the right determination on
which procedure will work best for your situation. We have seen quite a few
patients over the years for various procedures. We make our decisions based
on our medical experience and what the patient ultimately decides to do. We
will look at your records and make the x-rays needed to determine the best
approach to fixing your dental problem.

Let Bilski Dental Group Help You Decide

This process of choosing which route to go through isn’t
easy, but our dental experts will allow you to take a deep breath and decide
between a root canal or a dental implant for you. Either option will have you
smiling in no time. Contact us today for more information!

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