Same-Day Veneers in
Akron, Ohio

Accidents happen, and they happen all the time! Nothing is worse
than breaking a tooth and being stuck with either that broken tooth or an
unsightly metal crown as a temporary fix. Thankfully, those issues are a
thing of the past now that dental technology has come a long way with same-day

Quick Fix for a Broken Tooth

At the Bilski Dental Group, we have the ability to help patients
who have broken a tooth, from a sports injury, biting down to hard, a
nasty fall, or for any other reason.

It used to be that when you broke or cracked a tooth, you would be
left with a metal crown until your replacement tooth was ready- which could
take weeks! Now, you can get a veneer to cover that broken tooth within 90

We offer either zirconia or porcelain veneers that
will match your original tooth to a tee.

Learn More About Same-Day Veneers

Hopefully, you never have to experience a broken tooth, but it does
happen, so if you find yourself needing to fix a broken tooth, make sure to
give us a call at the Bilski Dental Group in Independence,

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