Sealants help prevent cavities | Dr. BilskiSealants Are One of the Best
Ways to Prevent Cavities

Why Everyone Should Get Sealants

Sealants are a great way to protects against cavities. They are
easy, affordable, discrete, and they can save you a lot of money as opposed
to getting a cavity filled or a root canal. We often recommend sealants to
any patients but especially children.

Sealants prevent cavities

It takes about a minute or so for each tooth, and we apply the
sealant to molars or premolars. Sealants can reduce the chance of cavities by
80%. It’s statistical, it’s been measured, and tested over

Sealants Are Affordable

Another great thing about sealants is that they are covered by
most insurances, but if you don’t have insurance, they are still
extremely affordable.

Typically, in our practice sealants could be anywhere from 30 to
40 dollars. If you come in with our dental savings plan because you
don’t have insurance, you can save 25%.
We really believe in it so we try to keep the cost as low as we

It’s expensive to get fillings, especially as a child when
you can get multiple cavities.
For 30-40 dollars now for sealants or anywhere from two-hundred dollars or
more, and the physical pain of a cavity is no fun either!

So, with proper flossing, cleanings twice a year, fluoride
treatments, and placing your sealant, you dramatically reduce the risk of

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Where do Cavities Come From?

Cavities come from the bacteria that live in our mouths and live
off of the foods we eat. A fun and true thing that we tell kids is that after
the bacteria eat the food, they like to poop and pee in our teeth and our
gums. It’s a gross thought, but it’s true, and the kids get a
laugh out of it and keep them more interested.

If you are interested in reducing your risk of cavities by 80%
sealants especially for children but really at any age, as long as you have a
molar or a premolar, we can do it, and it is always

Sealants help prevent cavities | Dr. Bilski

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