If you have ever taken a sip from a cold drink on a hot, humid
day, your teeth might have felt some pain. Feeling cold might mean you have
sensitive teeth. But what does that mean for you long-term?

Understanding Teeth Sensitivity

Your enamels might be a little too exposed if you feel intense
cold when consuming drinks or food. Sensitivity to cold means you might have
a little bit of gum recession happening. When you consume something cold, and
you feel it, it’s called dentin

Dentine sensitivity is a sign of acid erosion and usually occurs
in patients who practice meticulous oral hygiene. They tend to experience
sharp, short-lived pain or sensitivity when cold air comes in contact with
the teeth.

Fixing Sensitive Teeth

Maybe your teeth are becoming a little too sensitive. What are
your options as a patient?

Our dental professionals can drill a hole in your tooth by using a
laser, which is calibrated to a specific setting. What we do is dust
over the exposed area. This then permits the tubules to close. Tubules are
what’s revealed and what is ultimately causing your pain when
ingesting cold products into your mouth.

We then test your sensitivity to cold in our office to ensure that
our procedure is working correctly. If another run-through is needed with our
laser, this test allows us to go at it again to make sure you no longer feel
sensitive to cold drinks or food.

Learn More About Solving Sensitive Teeth

Find out more about our teeth sensitivity lasering technique on
our website, or contact us

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